I am reaching out with a technical inquire about the display DT024CTFT, which we are currently using in one of our products (please see the connection diagram attached).

The signal backlight2 is connected to a PWM output used to regulate display luminosity. Note that, since the RESET signal is maintained at a high logic level, the display is reset using the reset command through firmware.

We have found in our end-of-line testing that, after programming the MCU, and while power cycling the system, the display occasionally halts in an all-white state and stops responding to FW reset commands.

Turning the power off and on again, the behaviour comes back to normal and it becomes hard to replicate the failure. The DC voltage is provided by a 3.3V buck converter with a 1ms rise time.

We are thinking the root cause might be related to the periodic power cycling (2~3 times per second) causing a failure in the internal circuit given by that some capacitors might still hold a charge.

Have you found this issue before? if so, any suggestions on how to resolve it would be appreciated.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,