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VCOM max current draw and LED- wiring of the display DT070BTFT-PTS1

This is my first time wiring a TFT display and I have some questions about the display DT070BTFT-PTS1 :

  • What is the maximum current draw from the display VCOM input supply ?
  • Should LED- (pins 31 and 32) be connected to GND ?
  • Should we provide external resistor to limit the current of the backlight LEDs ?
  • Is it OK if my PSU 9.6V is shared between AVDD supply and VL (= 'LED+' - 'LED-')

Thanks in advance,

Sarah Horner
Community Moderator

What's the difference between the DT070BTFT standard and DT070BTFT-HB high-bright display?

The difference between the two back lights is that one is made up of 21 LEDs (7 rows of 3) and the other is made up of 30 LEDs (10 rows of 3).

To see a difference in the brightness of the backlight between the standard and high-bright displays you will have to apply more overall current to the high bright.

If you are driving the LEDs with 190mA in both instances you will not see a difference in the brightness between the two because you are simply distributing the same overall current over more LEDs (i.e. at 190mA you... (More)

Sarah Horner
Community Moderator

Display settings for Yocto Linux device for DT070BTFT

Use the following settings for yocto linux device for the DT070BTFT:

Display Settings

static const struct fb_videomode custom_mode = { /* 1024x600 @ 60 Hz, 31.5 kHz hsync */ NULL, 60, 1024, 600, 19512, 140, 160, 20, 12, 20, 3, 3, FB_VMODE_NONINTERLACED | FB_VMODE_ASPECT_16_9, FB_MODE_IS_VESA, };

For board design, be sure to use the following LVDS layout recommendations for IMX6 from the IMX6DQ6SDLHDG.pdf

  • Follow standard high-speed differential routing rules for signal integrity.
  • Each differential pair should be length matched to ± 5 mils.
  • LVDS differential pairs should have a differential impedance of 100 ohm
  • Note that there are no pad... (More)