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Intrinsic Safety Certification - Need technical details

1. What method of voltage boosting are your using (inductive/capacitive) and to what voltage?  Are you using charge pumps, capacitors, or inductors? If the screen has inductors, are they clamping? Can you provide an idea of the size/value of the inductance?

2. What is the lead spacing on the controller chip? Ideally, we want to know the minimum spacing for any trace/pin on the board. Do you seal the controller chip under the packaging?


Hello, i read the DT028BTFT-TST datasheet but it's not so clear how the 6-6-6 RGB signals are mapped into the DB15-DB0 bus, 

Thank you in advance

Ilitek ILI9341 Initialization Code

Note that you'll need to configure the IM pins for 8-bit interface:

//************* Reset LCD Driver ****************// LCD_nRESET = 1; delayms(1); // Delay 1ms LCD_nRESET = 0; delayms(10); // Delay 10ms // This delay time is necessary LCD_nRESET = 1; delayms(120); // Delay 120 ms //Start initial Sequence write_cmd(0x01); //software reset delay(5); write_cmd(0x28); // display off //------------power control------------------------------ write_cmd(0xc0); //power control write_data16(0x00,0x26); write_cmd(0xc1); //power control write_data16(0x00,0x11); write_cmd(0xc5); //vcom control write_data16(0x00,0x5c);//35 write_data16(0x00,0x4c);//3E write_cmd(0xc7); //vcom control write_data16(0x00,0x94); //------------memory access control------------------------ write_cmd(0x36); // memory access control write_data16(0x00,0x48); //0048 my,mx,mv,ml,BGR,mh,0.0 write_cmd(0x3a); // pixel format set write_data16(0x00,0x55);//16bit /pixel //----------------- frame rate------------------------------ write_cmd(0xb1); // frame rate... (More)

Difference between DT028ATFT & DT028BTFT


i have question about your DT028ATFT and DT028BTFT display. I ask about non touchpanel displays versions. Is there any migration note between those two display? If not what's the difference between those displays?