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DT024DTFT landscape rotation


We are using the DT024DTFT interfacing with Linux for some of our products. We use it via the Parallel "RGB interface" and in landscape mode (rotated 90/270 degrees). To do the rotation, we set B5=1 in the MADCTL register of the ILI9341 and set the correct values for Column/Page addresses, among other timing configurations (as stated in the ILI9341 datasheet).

We have seen that when sending 320x240 in the RGB interface, the driver is skipping to update the last third of the H pixels, as seen in the picture:

When we send a 320x320 resolution, then the last third... (More)

Recommended FPC connectors for DT024DTFT

We recommend the following connectors for use with the DT024DTFT LCD:

SEA8058-45 - purchase here through Mouser

Hirose FH33-45S-0.5SH(99) Β - purchase here through Digi-Key