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DT024CTFTdoes not reset by software


I am reaching out with a technical inquire about the display DT024CTFT, which we are currently using in one of our products (please see the connection diagram attached).

The signal backlight2 is connected to a PWM output used to regulate display luminosity. Note that, since the RESET signal is maintained at a high logic level, the display is reset using the reset command through firmware.

We have found in our end-of-line testing that, after programming the MCU, and while power cycling the system, the display occasionally halts in an all-white state and stops responding to FW reset commands.

Turning... (More)

Backlight brightness on DT024CTFT

Is it possible for DT024CTFT to perform "Write Display Brightness"?

Backlight is controlled by pins "A" and "K", pins 40 & 41, not through the ILI9341.

You have different ways to control the backlight:

1) No control over brightness, via a resistor hard wired.

2) A PWM signal generated by your micro, or through a light sensor.

Please refer to the CAT4139 for controlling backlight.

What registers should I configure the DT024CTFT to initialize the RGB interface?

If your microcontroller has a RGB interface, the DT024CTFT should display an image when IM3 and IM2 are pulled high. The serial interface is only used to change the default display settings if you require something different. Remember that in RGB mode, your microcontroller is supplying the VSYNC, HSYNC, ENABLE and DOTCLK signals as well as 18 bits of RGB data. Check the ILI9341 datasheet on the website for the detailed timing.

If you want to change any register settings in RGB mode, you can communicate the the ILI9341 display controller through the display serial interface. When IM1 is high... (More)