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TFT Displays
TFT Displays

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TFT Displays


Hello, i read the DT028BTFT-TST datasheet but it's not so clear how the 6-6-6 RGB signals are mapped into the DB15-DB0 bus, 

Thank you in advance

Difference between DT028ATFT & DT028BTFT


i have question about your DT028ATFT and DT028BTFT display. I ask about non touchpanel displays versions. Is there any migration note between those two display? If not what's the difference between those displays?


TFT Displays

VCOM max current draw and LED- wiring of the display DT070BTFT-PTS1

This is my first time wiring a TFT display and I have some questions about the display DT070BTFT-PTS1 :

  • What is the maximum current draw from the display VCOM input supply ?
  • Should LED- (pins 31 and 32) be connected to GND ?
  • Should we provide external resistor to limit the current of the backlight LEDs ?
  • Is it OK if my PSU 9.6V is shared between AVDD supply and VL (= 'LED+' - 'LED-')

Thanks in advance,

Recommended FPC connectors for DT024DTFT

We recommend the following connectors for use with the DT024DTFT LCD:

SEA8058-45 - purchase here through Mouser

Hirose FH33-45S-0.5SH(99)  - purchase here through Digi-Key