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URGENT! After some time the display fades and then turns off! Backlight stays on but all pixels get off.

We buy your 64128K FC BW-3 model from Digikey.
When we continuously keep the display and backlight on, after some time the display starts to fade and then it goes blank, though the backlight stays on.

Please help us in this matter. We have already installed this display in 200 devices and one after one the displays are shutting off.

When we replace the capacitors connected to implement the 4X boost circuit , or just clean the circuit with isopropyl alcohol then also it starts working.

This is very confusing and it has delayed delivery to our customer. Our last... (More)

how to interface with parallel communication in this display: 64128N FCBW-3LP

I recently purchased your company's display( part no : 64128N FCBW-3LP).  I doubt what kind of interface it is.  And P/S pin is not in your pin out.  How much voltage is suitable for this pins  LED+ & LED-?
if i need to connect parallel mean.what should i do.

elston elecronics

Hi. I'm looking for schematics for certain devices made by elston electronics..which was merged with displaytek years ago.

Do you think that stuff is still around?



64128N SPI communications


I've been using an earlier version of the 64128N GC BC 3LP displays. I could communicate to the display via SPI if I shorted J1 and J3 together. However with the later versions of the display I am receiving now, there is no J1 and J3 pads to short.

Can you confirm if the later versions also have SPI capability and if the jumper is no longer needed or if there is anything else that is needed to enable SPI communications? The exact part number of the new display that I have is - Displaytech 64128N GC BC_3LP 220109... (More)