we have ordered a few samples of DisplayTech LCD from digikey. This is a 128x240 resolution display that works on both SPI and Parallel interfaces. we chose a SPI interface and connected IF pins to GND per the datasheet.


The display uses an ST7529 IC and I am currently following its datasheet to write a program on Arduino using its SPI interface to initialize this display.


I can verify on the scope that the SPI commands are going into the display in the right order, MSB first but I dont see initialization happening. The way we are verifying it is by checking whether VLCD is 14V or not and if the image data transfer shows up on the display or not.


Both of these cases show no progress. I would like to know if there is some step that I am missing, I have checked on the scope and I am meeting timing setup hold times and VIH VIL requirements for the signal.

your technical guidance on this matter would be greatly appreciated!, we are trying to get this resolved as soon as possible to move on the next critical steps in our process.