We are planning on using the Displaytech-128240D Graphical LCD. We bought a few LCD samples online and we were trying to interface with the MSP430 (MSP430F6659) series microcontroller. 

We are using SPI 4 line interface and we are using the RAMTEX LCD stack. 

We are using a 3v supply and used 5x multiplier capacitor circuit. But we are facing issues. 

We observed that the LCD initially works (partially) but soon stops working within a few seconds. the SPI lines seem to be getting damaged, the microcontroller lines are also getting damaged and not usable further. 

The LCD also seems to stop working. 

Can you please help up resolve this issue? 

Please suggest a schematic example for 3v VCC and SPI 4 line communication. 

We have already wasted many LCDs and Microcontrollers.