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DT028CTFT Ghosting

We are attempting to use a DT028CTFT display on our product. Unfortunately, the display shows severe image burn-in (ghosting). If we display one image for as little as 30 seconds and then switch to another image, a ghost of the previous image shows up and takes several minutes to dissipate.

When we try a DT028ATFT or DT028BTFT (non-IPS displays), there is no ghosting, but the viewing angle is unacceptable.

When we try a competitor's IPS display (Orient Display AFY240320A1-2.8INTH), there is only minor ghosting after displaying the same image for several hours; we can avoid this by designing our UI... (More)


DT028B vs DT028C Initialization Code

Does the DT028BTFT (a-Si) and DT028CTFT (IPS, normally black) require different initialization code/commands? 

I tried replacing a Display from another manufacturer with the 28B and the 28B looked very similar (coloring was slightly blue).  But when I tried the 28C, the display colors were "inverted" where black and white were reversed (and colors were different). 

Note: I have not tried changing the initialization code to the code provided on your website (I will try this next)

Is it possible to drive the DT028CTFT with 3.3v?

Hi! After reading the specifications, I noticed that although it lists 2.8v as the typical voltage for the display, it lists 3.3v as the maximum VCC voltage for the DT028CTFT. However it also lists 4.6v as the absolute maximum. Is it possible to drive the DT028CTFT display with 3.3v without damaging or degrading it? Or do I need to step down the voltage to 2.8v.

Thanks in advance