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Display disappears without backlight?

Hi, my company is using a DT022CTFT 2.2" TFT Module in a telephone application. When we turn off the backlight to the display, we no longer see any data on the display. Is this expected operation? In our old display, when the backlight was turned off, the data that was displayed was still present on the display, but was just very dim. We are trying to understand why there is a difference. So, if you turn off the backlight, does the display cease showing any display data?

Ilitek ILI9341 Initialization Code

Note that you'll need to configure the IM pins for 8-bit interface:

//************* Reset LCD Driver ****************// LCD_nRESET = 1; delayms(1); // Delay 1ms LCD_nRESET = 0; delayms(10); // Delay 10ms // This delay time is necessary LCD_nRESET = 1; delayms(120); // Delay 120 ms //Start initial Sequence write_cmd(0x01); //software reset delay(5); write_cmd(0x28); // display off //------------power control------------------------------ write_cmd(0xc0); //power control write_data16(0x00,0x26); write_cmd(0xc1); //power control write_data16(0x00,0x11); write_cmd(0xc5); //vcom control write_data16(0x00,0x5c);//35 write_data16(0x00,0x4c);//3E write_cmd(0xc7); //vcom control write_data16(0x00,0x94); //------------memory access control------------------------ write_cmd(0x36); // memory access control write_data16(0x00,0x48); //0048 my,mx,mv,ml,BGR,mh,0.0 write_cmd(0x3a); // pixel format set write_data16(0x00,0x55);//16bit /pixel //----------------- frame rate------------------------------ write_cmd(0xb1); // frame rate... (More)

What is the difference between the DT022BTFT and DT022CTFT?

Our DT022CTFT uses the same LCD glass (240x320 resolution, same active area, etc.) but uses a specially slim designed backlight that fits in a 1U rack.

Is the driver IC ILI9341V built into the modules?
Yes, the ILI9341V is a COG IC connected to the display.

Is the backlight built into DT022BTFT and DT022CTFT?
Yes, the backlight is built into the display module. It is directly behind the LCD glass.