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Graphic Displays
Graphic Displays

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Looking for replacement for Displaytech 64128e display.

As stated above I’m trying to repair an electronic device which uses a 64128e display by displaytech.

This part number is discontinued. I’m wondering if there is a suitable display that has the same pin out and physical size I could simply de-solder this display and drop in a new replacement display.  


I am having difficulty to turn on the display. I have  attached real pictures of part , schematic of connection and data sheet that i have. could you please go through it and let me know what i have did wrong.

can't read ILI9341 LCD controller ID4 (D3H) by SPI interface

I have tried to read ILI9341 LCD controller ID (D3H), but it doesn’t work until now, the EXTC has been high, the result as below:

1. The leve1 command read/write is OK. The leve2 command (EXTC should be high to enable this command) write is OK, read by FMC port is OK but read by SPI is fail.

2.ID1/ID2/ID3 (leve1 command DAH/DBH/DCH) can be programmed by user(level2 command D1H/D2H) successfully .

3. The LCD acknowledges data is different between FMC port and SPI port, for example the 09H command, the first byte data will be invalid, when read by FMC... (More)

Sarah Horner
Community Moderator

How are the monochrome modules named?

The Displaytech monochrome LCD part numbers follow a standard system. The first set of numbers is for the product series:

Character Modules
The numbers stand for the number of characters
(e.g. 161 = 16 characters x 1 line; 204 = 20 characters x 4 lines)

Graphic Modules
The numbers stand for the display resolution (e.g. 64128 = 64x128 dots; 128240 = 128x240 dots). The letter stands for the version (e.g. both 64128K & 64128M are with the same resolution, but the size of them are different, so they are with different letter as identification)

The remaining details for the other... (More)