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engineering_seacomp replied 4 days ago

DT024CTFTdoes not reset by software


I am reaching out with a technical inquire about the display DT024CTFT, which we are currently using in one of our products (please see the connection diagram attached).

The signal backlight2 is connected to a PWM output used to regulate display luminosity. Note that, since the RESET signal is maintained at a high logic level, the display is reset using the reset command through firmware.

We have found in our end-of-line testing that, after programming the MCU, and while power cycling the system, the display occasionally halts in an all-white state and stops responding to FW reset commands.

Turning... (More)

Sarah replied 8 days ago

162k series pinout

Table in spec page 6 says Pin 1 is Vdd 0v Supply voltage and Pin 2 is Vss 5v Ground. These contradict each other! Which pin is ground (Vss) and which is +5 (Vss)?



Sarah updated 8 days ago

can't read ILI9341 LCD controller ID4 (D3H) by SPI interface

I have tried to read ILI9341 LCD controller ID (D3H), but it doesn’t work until now, the EXTC has been high, the result as below:

1. The leve1 command read/write is OK. The leve2 command (EXTC should be high to enable this command) write is OK, read by FMC port is OK but read by SPI is fail.

2.ID1/ID2/ID3 (leve1 command DAH/DBH/DCH) can be programmed by user(level2 command D1H/D2H) successfully .

3. The LCD acknowledges data is different between FMC port and SPI port, for example the 09H command, the first byte data will be invalid, when read by FMC... (More)

Terry replied a month ago
TFT Displays

Is it possible to drive the DT028CTFT with 3.3v?

Hi! After reading the specifications, I noticed that although it lists 2.8v as the typical voltage for the display, it lists 3.3v as the maximum VCC voltage for the DT028CTFT. However it also lists 4.6v as the absolute maximum. Is it possible to drive the DT028CTFT display with 3.3v without damaging or degrading it? Or do I need to step down the voltage to 2.8v.

Thanks in advance