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engineering_seacomp replied 13 days ago
TFT Displays



I understand that the DT024CTFT-TS has a back-lighting system of three LEDs wired in series which requires +9.6V at a constant current If=20 mA mode of operation. Our system has maximum voltage of 5V. 

1. Do you have a similar LCD (Size and Pins) that uses lower voltage for the backlight LEDs?

2. Will the current LED be able to run on lower voltage of 5V and 20 mA?

3. Any suggestions on how to DC-to-DC step-up the 5V to 10V? 

Thanks a lot for your help.


engineering_seacomp replied a month ago
Character LCDs

I am using 64128KFCBW-RGB LCD display. Is it possible to change backlit colour

engineering_seacomp replied a month ago

DT028B vs DT028C Initialization Code

Does the DT028BTFT (a-Si) and DT028CTFT (IPS, normally black) require different initialization code/commands? 

I tried replacing a Display from another manufacturer with the 28B and the 28B looked very similar (coloring was slightly blue).  But when I tried the 28C, the display colors were "inverted" where black and white were reversed (and colors were different). 

Note: I have not tried changing the initialization code to the code provided on your website (I will try this next)

Nicole replied a month ago
Character LCDs

LCD background lightness


I wish to buy some 16x2 characters LCD displays like the 162J. I need the best readability by low light with backlight switched off, so the background have to be very clear (I mean closest to white).

For example most calculators LCD displays are very good with a light gray background. But many avalaible 16x2 displays have a green background which is too dark.

I'm a bit confused by all the 162x variants and by the LCD technologies (TN, HTN, FSTN). Which one will be the best for that purpose ?