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engineering_seacomp replied 7 days ago

Library supporting DT024CTFT code sample

There's sample code posted on DT024CTFT webpage and it references numerous other C source and header files.  Are these available and if so, where?  I did a quick Google search and didn't find something that looks like Microchip Graphics Library with the references in the code sample.

Sarah updated 14 days ago

DT035BTFT-PTS2 touch I2C interface

Looking through the datasheet for the DT035BTFT-PTS2, the drawing on page 4 makes it look as though the capacitive touch I2C interface is 1.8V logic.  However, the touch controller (FT5x46) datasheet says the touch controller operating voltage is up to 3.6V.  Can the capacitive touch I2C interface on the DT035BTFT-PTS2 therefore be run at 3.3V so I can avoid a level translator?

Sarah updated 14 days ago

Is it possible to drive the DT028CTFT with 3.3v?

Hi! After reading the specifications, I noticed that although it lists 2.8v as the typical voltage for the display, it lists 3.3v as the maximum VCC voltage for the DT028CTFT. However it also lists 4.6v as the absolute maximum. Is it possible to drive the DT028CTFT display with 3.3v without damaging or degrading it? Or do I need to step down the voltage to 2.8v.

Thanks in advance


Sarah updated 14 days ago


Hello, i read the DT028BTFT-TST datasheet but it's not so clear how the 6-6-6 RGB signals are mapped into the DB15-DB0 bus, 

Thank you in advance