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Patricia replied a month ago
Power Supplies

Power Supply and CB Report

We are interested in using a power supply of the HDP12-MD series for a medical device we are certifying. Even if the power supply is branded and full of certifications, we do not find references or the possibility of obtaining the CB Report a document necessary to proceed with the certification of our CB Report.

How can I get the CB report of the HDP12-MD?

Thank you

Kyle replied a month ago
TFT Displays


Hi, I recently bought a TFT device which as the following name : DT070ATFT-PTS. However, I couldn't found any informations as some datasheets, or ressources to program it, or just to see how it works ? 

Could you help me ? Thanks.

Massimo liked 2 months ago
Power Supplies

USB adapter output current enumeration

I came across your HDP05-MD05010U USB power adapter. I was reading a bit into the USB 2.0 terminology and have a question regarding this part’s output current. For any connected USB Device, does it provide the rated 1A max current right from the start? Or does it initially provide 100mA, enumerates and then provides higher currents to Device?


Rohith replied 2 months ago

DisplayTech LCD graphic Monochrome Display unable to initialize


we have ordered a few samples of DisplayTech LCD from digikey. This is a 128x240 resolution display that works on both SPI and Parallel interfaces. we chose a SPI interface and connected IF pins to GND per the datasheet.

The display uses an ST7529 IC and I am currently following its datasheet to write a program on Arduino using its SPI interface to initialize this display.

I can verify on the scope that the SPI commands are going into the display in the right order, MSB first but I dont see initialization happening. The way we are verifying it... (More)