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engineering_seacomp replied 12 days ago

Does DT070CTFT with SEA0010 board need LVDS board?

With the SEA0010 board is there a need for a LVDS board as well?



engineering_seacomp replied 14 days ago

DT070CTFT LVDS board components unavailable


I am trying to find the parts used on the reference design schematic of DT070CTFT display LVDS board and many of them are not in stock anywhere and have a lead time of 1 or 2 years.

Do you know any alternatives I could use for these parts?






Franck replied 19 days ago

DT028CTFT Ghosting

We are attempting to use a DT028CTFT display on our product. Unfortunately, the display shows severe image burn-in (ghosting). If we display one image for as little as 30 seconds and then switch to another image, a ghost of the previous image shows up and takes several minutes to dissipate.

When we try a DT028ATFT or DT028BTFT (non-IPS displays), there is no ghosting, but the viewing angle is unacceptable.

When we try a competitor's IPS display (Orient Display AFY240320A1-2.8INTH), there is only minor ghosting after displaying the same image for several hours; we can avoid this by designing our UI... (More)

Mike replied 21 days ago

Driving multiple DT0242CTFT displays code sample

Hi All,

I am trying to drive multiple DT024CTFTs over SPI (ILI9341) and am running into issues so am wondering if there any code samples available that shows how to effectively do this?

I can drive the single display no problem but when extending to two displays, the performance slows down and eventually crashes.

I am currently using an stm32f767 nucleo board with a 216MHz clock that has multiple SPI controllers so I am assuming I should have enough bandwidth?

I am open to using other MCUs if there are solutions available?