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Sarah updated 23 days ago

elston elecronics

Hi. I'm looking for schematics for certain devices made by elston electronics..which was merged with displaytek years ago.

Do you think that stuff is still around?



Thomas followed 2 months ago
Character LCDs

DisplayTech 16x2 LCD '162HCCBC3LP' PROBLEM.


We have ordered DisplayTech 16x2 LCD '162HCCBC3LP.' LCD initialization and Character display Code implemented for   4 bit mode as per data sheet and checked through simulation and found that the LCD displaying Text correctly.             But when i am checking in real the LCD not displaying any text showing blank screen (image attached).

I have checked two devices and found that same behavior. can you confirm me either i am missing any instruction sequence or devices not working. 

Thomas liked a reply 2 months ago

64128N SPI communications


I've been using an earlier version of the 64128N GC BC 3LP displays. I could communicate to the display via SPI if I shorted J1 and J3 together. However with the later versions of the display I am receiving now, there is no J1 and J3 pads to short.

Can you confirm if the later versions also have SPI capability and if the jumper is no longer needed or if there is anything else that is needed to enable SPI communications? The exact part number of the new display that I have is - Displaytech 64128N GC BC_3LP 220109... (More)

Thomas followed 2 months ago
TFT Displays

problem white display after few week


I come to you because we buy your reference display "DT035BTFT-TS" and we have a technical problem with this display. 
Many of our customers have a white screen after a few week of use.

I use FT800 controller for this display

Do you have a solution for this problem? 

Device with white display
Device with white display