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Intrinsic Safety Certification - Need technical details

1. What method of voltage boosting are your using (inductive/capacitive) and to what voltage?  Are you using charge pumps, capacitors, or inductors? If the screen has inductors, are they clamping? Can you provide an idea of the size/value of the inductance?

2. What is the lead spacing on the controller chip? Ideally, we want to know the minimum spacing for any trace/pin on the board. Do you seal the controller chip under the packaging?

Patricia replied 10 days ago
Character LCDs

Details required regarding the Manufacturer part number: 162H BC BW

Could you please confirm and provide the below details regarding the Manufacturer part number: 162H BC BW

Details required:

1. Could you please confirm the part is PCB mount.

2. If the part is PCB mount could you please provide the recommended land pattern or PCB layout pattern to create the footprint.

Patricia replied a month ago
TFT Displays

I have a DT070DTFT-IPS-PTS display. What is the maximum voltage for the backlight ?

Patricia replied 2 months ago

how to interface with parallel communication in this display: 64128N FCBW-3LP

I recently purchased your company's display( part no : 64128N FCBW-3LP).  I doubt what kind of interface it is.  And P/S pin is not in your pin out.  How much voltage is suitable for this pins  LED+ & LED-?
if i need to connect parallel mean.what should i do.