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Thomas followed 11 hours ago
TFT Displays

problem white display after few week


I come to you because we buy your reference display "DT035BTFT-TS" and we have a technical problem with this display. 
Many of our customers have a white screen after a few week of use.

I use FT800 controller for this display

Do you have a solution for this problem? 

Device with white display
Device with white display
Thomas replied 3 days ago

Looking for replacement for Displaytech 64128e display. As stated above I’m trying to repair an electronic device which uses a 64128e display by displaytech. Kindly refer a suitable display.Thanks

Patricia followed 2 months ago
TFT Displays

The connector and BL control on INT035TFT module


I'm designing a product using INT035TFT LCD module. Could you tell me the part number of 40pin connector on INT035TFT module? I can find the interface description in its datasheet, but the datasheet don't show the connector part number. From its mechanical drawing, looks there is a PCB footprint for 0.5mm pitch 40pin connector one the back side of module, but no real connector soldered on that footprint, right? Please show me the photo of the back side of module.

Another question is about pin37/39/40 which are for BL control. but in interface description form, the description of these... (More)

Sarah updated 2 months ago
TFT Displays

The connector part number on INT035TFT

INT035TFT datasheet doesn't show the part number of 40pin connector. Could you tell me its part number, and also show me the photo of the back side of module?